Project Description

Demolition of existing waterway structures and construction of naturalisation sandstone banks for 1.2km of Cooks River

Project Role

Project Manager for Major Civil Contractor


Project management, design management, contract management, programming, quality control, local and statutory authority compliance.

cooks-river05[1]Sydney Water, in partnership with the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority, local councils and other land and water managers, has developed a riverbank naturalisation project for the Cooks River. The project involves naturalising 1.2 kilometres of the Cooks River banks, providing a new habitat for birds and aquatic life and improving the amenity of the river.

cooks-river03[1]The riverbank naturalisation includes the removal of the existing steep concrete channel bank and creating a more gently sloping bank. This is stabilised by native plants, trees and sandstone boulders as well as the inclusion of new paths, seats and interpretive signage. Naturalisation creates a softer landscape feel and can greatly improve the liveability of the river environment for both wildlife and people.

Mainway’s role as project manager for the civil contractor was to coordinate works, programme and contractual approvals with Sydney Water to ensure the project met stakeholder and community requirements while successfully being delivered within time and budget.